Why birds are so unique

All birds have feathers and feathers help them to fly, thanks to the muscles at the base of each feather. But actually not all birds fly, infact ostriches and pinguins don’t. And there is only a type of bird that doesn’t have wings, it’s called the Kiwi bird. Kiwi birds don’t have a good vision,… Continue reading Why birds are so unique

The cutest and most adorable creature

More Heart Art!

Hello everyone, when I wrote this post my last entry of my collection Heart Art was Happy Heart and balloons. But today I update this post to let you know that I have few more artworks with hearts! Some of them are digital and some are paintings with traditional mediums. Please feel free to let… Continue reading More Heart Art!

What is the value of Museums?

Museums are not only centers of art education but also centres of learning the history and culture of humankind. By collecting and displaying objects of artistic significance they provide us with a meaningful insight into the past or into our modern society. But what has to do a museum with inspiration? It’s interesting the origin… Continue reading What is the value of Museums?

Time for Good Buys – Update

Hello everyone! This is an update of my post Time for Good Buys because I wanted to let you know that today is the last day of a great, colorful Black Friday week! Today I offer FREE shipping on all ground orders on U.S.! Free shipping is one of my favourite special offer 🙂 By… Continue reading Time for Good Buys – Update

The Earth without art

Mix and Match!

Hi everyone! What does it make you think of this expression? Maybe the famous pick and mix to make your perfect combination of sweets? What fun! “Look at this! Let’s take that, too!” To me the fun was mainly to quickly grab many candies, all in different colors, shapes, taste and then enjoy them! It… Continue reading Mix and Match!