The cutest and most adorable creature

Let’s go to the beach!

Hello, last week I worked on few new images under the theme Let’s go to the beach! Do you prefer a vacation at the mountains or at the beach? I love them both, but at the mountains I tend to be more active since I go for long walks. The beach is very relaxing especially… Continue reading Let’s go to the beach!

Time for Good Buys – Update

Hello everyone! This is an update of my post Time for Good Buys because I wanted to let you know that today is the last day of a great, colorful Black Friday week! Today I offer FREE shipping on all ground orders on U.S.! Free shipping is one of my favourite special offer 🙂 By… Continue reading Time for Good Buys – Update

When love is truly in the air!

Butterflies courtship is beautiful and romantic! It’s a discovery of the senses and a serious game of survival, there is not much time to loose because they live only a very short life. So, first they wear their most beautiful dress, it’s a show of wonderful colors and nuances. Then, a touch of perfume. Infact,… Continue reading When love is truly in the air!

The psychology of colour: Orange

Orange is the colour of the extrovert and of the self confident. It is more gentle than red, but it still attracts the attention. It is energising and it inspires vitality and enthusiasm. In some cultures it’s associated with entertainment and amusement. In nature the orange colour comes from carotens, photosynthetic pigments that absorb the… Continue reading The psychology of colour: Orange

Art through Nature

In nature there are endless forms: geometric, lines, changeable (such as the clouds) and when they are grouped together they truly form interesting patterns. We have amazing lighting that highlights these forms, make them more attractive and creates contrast. And we have spectacular colours all around us. Hermann Hesse wrote “Nature has got thousands of… Continue reading Art through Nature

Nature for Artists

There is so much art into nature. Its fantasy and its beauty inspired artists since ancient times. In fact, for example, in his book ART (you can read it for free online in by a famous French sculptur, AUGUSTE RODIN, he wrote this thought: “The artist is the confidant of nature, flowers carry on… Continue reading Nature for Artists