Why birds are so unique

All birds have feathers and feathers help them to fly, thanks to the muscles at the base of each feather. But actually not all birds fly, infact ostriches and pinguins don’t. And there is only a type of bird that doesn’t have wings, it’s called the Kiwi bird. Kiwi birds don’t have a good vision,… Continue reading Why birds are so unique

When love is truly in the air!

Butterflies courtship is beautiful and romantic! It’s a discovery of the senses and a serious game of survival, there is not much time to loose because they live only a very short life. So, first they wear their most beautiful dress, it’s a show of wonderful colors and nuances. Then, a touch of perfume. Infact,… Continue reading When love is truly in the air!

The Psychology of “the queen of all colours”

This is how Pierre-Auguste Renoir expressed himself regarding black colour. (Eva Heller, Psychologie de la couleur – effets et symboliques, p. 107.) We already mentioned that technically speaking black is not truly even a colour, and yet it is so dominant and exceptionally complex that this post will be all about it. In the psychology of… Continue reading The Psychology of “the queen of all colours”

The world is in colour!

Let’s take for example our sky: it appears blue to us, until after only about 20 km up, where it progressively starts becoming darker, violet and then black in space. Think of the beauty of a sunset, which leaves us speechless with its stunning colours. We might see the sky becoming pink, although a pink… Continue reading The world is in colour!