The Old Church At Freeport

This old church building is located in a rural area of Ohio on US 22 in Freeport, Ohio. The town was laid out in 1810 and has had a working post office since 1814. In 2010 the population was less than 400.

I must have driven by that church 100 times before I took the time to stop and capture this image. I would pass by on the way to visit with family and was always too tired (on the way) or in too much of a hurry (on the way back) to stop. Going to visit family is a 14-21 hour trip so making good time on the road sometimes seems more important than taking photographs.

The  time I drove by this church and stopped to photograph it  the sign for the church was gone. If I remember correctly the sign stated that this was a Presbyterian Church built in the late 1700s or early 1800s. The building had deteriorated greatly and a fence and No Trespassing signs had been erected around the property. At that point I knew that if I didn’t stop during that trip that I was in danger of never seeing the church again.

This past May we drove by that church again.  It wasn’t faring any better.  Heavy equipment from the area’s recent fracking operations was parked unceremoniously in the yard to the side of the church.

It saddens me to see this extremely well built, architecturally interesting house of worship make it all the way into the 21st Century but in danger of not making it to the next.

This church and my history with driving by it is a reminder to take the time to stop and “smell the roses” or in my case stop and take the photograph.


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