The Bitter Farewell: Surrendering Art to Embrace Word


For years, I have immersed myself in the world of art, embracing the strokes of my brush and the whispers of creativity. However, a ceaseless battle with pressure and artist angst has coerced me into making a heart-wrenching decision – giving up art. This choice, born out of necessity, is rooted in the deep-seated health issues that have plagued my existence for far too long.

Art, once my refuge, began to transform into a haunting presence. The weight of expectations, both external and self-imposed, mounted relentlessly upon my shoulders. The struggle to create became a constant source of anxiety, draining the joy that once accompanied every brushstroke. The fear of disappointment overwhelmed me, and a once-beloved passion now seemed like an impossible mountain to climb.

The toll this internal turmoil has taken on my health can no longer be ignored. I find myself battling against sleepless nights, a racing heart, and the unrelenting grip of stress. The very act of creation, once a cathartic release, now threatens the very essence of my wellbeing. And so, with a heavy heart, I must bid farewell to the art that has shaped me.

This decision, however saddening, is not one of defeat but rather an act of self-preservation. By relinquishing my art, I hope to reclaim my physical and mental health, seizing the opportunity to focus on the two literary endeavors that have long beckoned me.

My first pursuit will be a gripping murder mystery, a tale entwined in shadows and deceit. As I embark on this new path, my pain and struggles will find solace within the swirling labyrinth of plotlines and suspects. The world of fiction will grant me the freedom I have longed for, where I can mold characters and scenarios without the burden of personal vulnerability.

Simultaneously, I will dive into the task of penning an autobiography, unearthing the raw and unfiltered truths of my existence. This endeavour promises to be an intimate journey, revealing the vulnerable parts of myself that were previously hidden in the depths of canvas and paint. Every wart and scar will be laid bare upon the pages, a testament to the triumphs and tribulations that have shaped my life.

As I bid farewell to the art that has been my companion through countless seasons of life, I acknowledge the sorrow that accompanies this parting. Yet, I also embrace the hope of a new chapter, one where words will weave the story of my existence. It is a decision, though laced with sadness, that holds the promise of healing and growth, nurturing my soul in ways art could no longer provide.

Abbie Shores-Muirhead

Abbie (222)

Site owner and painter of awesome oils and watercolours. Manager + on large art site

Married to Robin another artist and sculptor. We live with two Shepweiler's, two demented budgies and 3 fish

Wannabe author and hardcase treehugger. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “The Bitter Farewell: Surrendering Art to Embrace Word

  1. Thank you for all the art you gave the world so far. The art form might change, but your intentions to give a piece of yourself through art have not, and for that we should all be grateful! I am sure you will do great. I am sure your future will be bright !

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