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      1. Write your title
      2. Create your post
      3. Choose the category. If writing on the main site you may NOT use Getting to know / Artist / Photographer / Musician / Publisher. Any of the others are fine.
      4. Upload media. At least a featured image. Make sure to fill out the Captions and Alt tag . Your images should not be over 600 pixels when uploading. Do NOT attempt to upload full size images.
      5. Add some keywords in the space provided
      6. Read your post again
      7. Just read it one more time a little slower
      8. Good? Publish

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          categories are the most general method of grouping content on a WordPress site. A category symbolizes a topic or a group of topics that are connected to one another in some way. Sometimes, a post can belong to many categories at the same time.

          You create categories on your admin, or when creating a new post but do not have too many

          Tags are keywords for search engines to look at quickly, so contain the most important words in the post. You should also add at least one main tag in your title

          So, Rudi had a post up recently about Pinhole Photograph

          He may place that posts in the Category I have provided on the main site called Photography. I do not have sub categories on that subject but if on his own site, he may add a sub category, Pinhole Photography

          In his tags he would have pinhole, pinhole photography, photography, pinhole camera,

          etc etc

          In his title he will have Something Pinhole Photography…. or Pinhole Photography something

          Pinhole Photography is the important tag so it appears in the article also

          So Pinhole Photography is mentioned in his title, body of the post, tags and perhaps in the sub-category pinhole, but definitely under photography

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          Lucia Waterson

              Hi Abbie, what is the differences we should keep in mind when entering keywords for Category and for Tags, please? Thank you in advance!

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                  Duh! Thanks once again Abbie!

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                      As you’re uploading media. Look on the right and there are spaces to do this

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                          I think I’ve missed something (again!).

                          Where do I fill out the Captions and Alt tag on my blog posts?

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