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Another Adventure
Published 1/26/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
I am about to embark on another adventure.  I will be traveling in the foreseeable future with a dear friend that I’ve known for quite some time.  This will be a 1500 mile road trip. We are going to visit a few places in South Carolina.  I’ve only been to that state as I traveled through. This will be the first time I’ve actually stopped and visited. Of course I will be more ❯
Twilight Walk
Published 1/24/2023 in Yours By Shores
  Today I've seen little children play around the feet of gossiping nannies. Dogs walking the wrong way around lampposts in non-ending sniffs, mind caught up in reading their weemails, companion humans laughing (or swearing) as they realise they need to rescue the leash. An old couple holding each other up as they shuffled through, looking myopically around to see how things more ❯
Black And White Views
Published 1/19/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  Some of us see the entire world in black and white.  Some of us see a world of color. I’m not talking about literally seeing only black and white.  As I understand it even people who are “color blind” actually see some color. I’m talking about our perception of life. For some people it’s all or nothing.  My way or the highway. Right or wrong.  Good or bad. more ❯
Deep In the Forest
Published 1/15/2023 in Yours By Shores
Purchase Here Deep in the forest, a village light twinkles in the distance like a diamond on a blanket of darkness. Its orange hue penetrates through the trees, creating an enchanting painting composed with thick strokes of oil paint. The tranquil atmosphere is illuminated by the warm light and its calming glow makes you feel at ease while taking in its more ❯
After 40 years
Published 1/14/2023 in Musings of a madman
tortured by years of unobtainable love your sudden reappearance leaves me fearful of not being the one dreamed of for so long. immobilized by the intensity of emotion ripping through my being quaking with anxiety sobbing with joy. I dream to leap the distance that keeps us apart, to embrace you to never let you go read more ❯
Get on
Published 1/14/2023 in Musings of a madman
I follow trails of thought through my mind filled with wonder about the final outcome. I can remember yesterday, so in a sense , it is not gone, but set in indelible ink unchangeable. I cannot linger reading previous chapters for long . I must get on with writing new chapters. I once spent precious moments fretting about tomorrows and the tomorrows after that and on and on. Today The moment more ❯
Perceived Images
Published 1/12/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Do you see faces in inanimate objects?  Do you see the shape of animals in cloud formations? Maybe you see a face on a rock with “eyes” like the Wall Of Faces that I wrote about earlier. This perception, along with hearing hidden messages in music, is called pareidolia. Pareidolia has been used by humans for eons.  It has even helped protect mankind from predators. more ❯
electric dreams
Published 1/10/2023 in Musings of a madman
electric dreams fill my being with sparks of spiritual energy. i know not of other planes or places still I dream of elsewhere and elsewhen. Silence envelopes me stars like diamond dust dance lightly my soul is tickled. Blue mist and red dawn draw me to drink their beauty. I must be gone places to go things that must be done I linger not; yet drunk with more ❯
Letting go
Published 1/9/2023 in Musings of a madman
We are evolved to have quick automatic responses to danger. We are taught inapproiate emotional responses. We are all drama queens about some things. Learning to be non reactionary, to control our emotional response to externial and internal events is a big key to happiness. There are many paths to inner peace and understanding that lead to the elimination of suffering, all are long more ❯
I am intentional
Published 1/9/2023 in Musings of a madman
‎Saturday, ‎11 ‎June, ‎2016 I kind of commited to do this blog even if small bites everyday. The commitment was to me so I can't let myself down or cheat myself so here we go again Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. The revoloution will be televised and produced by "The media." I am formatting the text a thought at a time. When I lived in Toronto I was more ❯

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