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Fairies At The Fair
Published 11/30/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  When I suggested that we visit the Official Alabama Renaissance Faire my husband asked me what to expect.  Neither of us had ever been to one of these festivals but I had seen images on television and in print.  Thinking that I knew what these fairs were all about I told him that the exhibits and characters would be representative of ages past (mostly the 1300s or1400s through more ❯
Hello world!
Published 11/28/2023 in CAC CERTs
Welcome to Our Arts Magazine With Abbie Shores. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! If you need help, here is the support forum! more ❯
The Importance of Honesty About Artistic Mediums in the Contemporary Art World
Published 11/27/2023 in Our Arts Magazine With Abbie Shores
Unfortunately since the advent of AI apps and programmes, I am seeing more and more instances of people downright lying about the medium of their work.  No idea why, as AI images are pretty cool and, believe it or not, it is not just adding text to an app to get a really decent image.  They have to be quite artistic words to really stand out from the crowd.  The real main reason it upsets me more ❯
The revival of Pictorialism
Published 11/27/2023 in Our Arts Magazine With Abbie Shores
Leonard Misonne (Belgium 1870-1943)   Original Pictorialism, a brief history In 1861, William Morris in the  U.K. founded the furniture company Morris, Marshall, Faulkner, and Company. This company was to counter the banal and mechanical direction interior decorating and furniture making was going. Many British furniture makers and home decorators at the time were fed up with more ❯
Carving Out Artistic Moments in a Busy Day
Published 11/26/2023 in Our Arts Magazine With Abbie Shores
Believe me when I say I understand that balancing work and hobbies can be quite challenging, especially when you're as passionate about art as you are. Here are some tips to help you make time for your artwork, even on the busiest days: Consider waking up a bit earlier to indulge in your artistic pursuits. A quiet morning can be an excellent time to sketch, jot down ideas, or take photos more ❯
Thanksgiving Day 2023
Published 11/23/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Although The United States Thanksgiving Day is probably the most well-known, many countries celebrate a Day of Thanksgiving sometime during the year and with their own versions of what that day represents. Today’s blog entry is being posted on the official Thanksgiving date in the United States which is always the third Thursday of November. I hope and wish for each of you who follow more ❯
The Bitter Farewell: Surrendering Art to Embrace Word
Published 11/19/2023 in Our Arts Magazine With Abbie Shores
For years, I have immersed myself in the world of art, embracing the strokes of my brush and the whispers of creativity. However, a ceaseless battle with pressure and artist angst has coerced me into making a heart-wrenching decision - giving up art. This choice, born out of necessity, is rooted in the deep-seated health issues that have plagued my existence for far too long. Art, once more ❯
The Wizard
Published 11/16/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Today’s blog post is the second in a series about our visit to the 2023 Alabama Renaissance Faire.  Last week’s post was about the gentleman portraying the Italian astronomer Galileo.  This week’s post is about a gentleman acting as a wizard.  Or perhaps he is an actual wizard? When researching the history of wizards I came across more than one image of this same gentleman. more ❯
Galileo In Alabama
Published 11/9/2023 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  The official Alabama Renaissance Faire is held each October in Florence, Alabama (USA). The city was named after Florence, Italy, considered one of the cultural centers of the historic Renaissance period and where many believe the Renaissance Period actually began. In the summer of 1987 city leaders and educators in the Alabama city planned the first festival to take place more ❯
Autumn Descending
Published 11/6/2023 in The Art of Shelli Fitzpatrick
As orange is descending like a thick fog it chases the green away, replacing it with warm golden shades of autumn. It teases with it's beauty for a short time and then quietly disappears as the grays of winter take over the landscape. Try to take the time to catch her while she is still here... but if you happened to miss her I captured a glimpse for you in this abstract artwork called more ❯