Artistic Success: Mastering the Marketing Game for Landscape, Animal, Abstract, and Science Fiction Artists


One of the largest issues people have when we try to explain marketing, is when we get to… Know your audience

I would say 80% of people have issues with this, so I’m writing this to help those people….

Landscape/seascape artist: When marketing their art, landscape/seascape artists should focus on targeting nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, interior designers, and vacation home owners. They can collaborate with local galleries, art festivals, and tourism boards to showcase their work to a broader audience.

Animal artist: Animal artists should target pet owners, animal lovers, wildlife conservation organisations, and veterinary offices when marketing their art. They can partner with pet stores, animal shelters, and online platforms specialising in pet-related merchandise to reach their target audience.

Abstract artist: Abstract artists should market their work towards interior designers, art collectors, art galleries, and individuals looking for unique and contemporary pieces for their homes or offices. They can utilise social media platforms, art exhibitions, and online art marketplaces to showcase their abstract creations and connect with potential buyers.

Science fiction artist: Science fiction artists should target fans of sci-fi literature, films, and television shows, as well as collectors of pop culture memorabilia and enthusiasts of futuristic and fantastical art. They can collaborate with sci-fi conventions, comic book stores, and online communities dedicated to science fiction to promote their art to a niche but passionate audience.

These are just a few ideas that may help further your advertising.  I hope they help!!

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