Did you know… oh I am sure you did… that we spend one whole third of our lives in bed? Or on someones sofa, or the floor, but I am not going into relationship issues here as I am talking about beds.

The first thing they say (as does the guy in the video below) is to make sure your bed has money spent on it. After all you spend so long there you should really have a good one, with comfortable mattress and luxurious sheets and blankets. Sleep is the one thing we all need and have to have to stay active.

Not only does it help with our energy levels but also with our mental, and therefore our physical health. Did you know also that poor sleep is linked with putting on weight? (although with me that was mainly the poor choices I made with food). It appears that things that are helped via sleep, make us eat more when we do not and, put that with the fact we are all knackered, we are not exercising properly either.

So one way to help sleep is to kick out the old man….. no… sorry… rephrase…..

My partner and I do not sleep together. We actually do not sleep in twin beds either, each going for superking beds in our own bedrooms. He needs his own space because of his back issues (mainly done through weightlifting exploits, and martial arts, although he blames me and the ONE time I asked him to help me garden!)

I need my own space because…. um…. er…. quick brain, think of an excuse…. okay I have no reasons that I sleep in my own room apart from the fact I am a self professed princess and wanted a girly room which was not happening with weights all over the floor and boxing practise dummies in the corner of the shared room. Now I have plants and cuddly toys everywhere and room for a girly dressing table.

My bed is quite a nice looking bed; a sleigh bed they are called. As I mentioned before, it is a superking so plenty of room for myself and two Alsatians… even my partner has a small space on the edge when he pops in for an evening crossword doing…..Yes, sadsacks us love doing shared crosswords in bed. He fills them in whilst I solve them as he reads them out. It is pretty hilarious as he has dyslexia so the filled in letters can get very confusing and have led to me crying real tears I have been laughing so much..

I have also tried to make my room more relaxing and with lots of plants for oxygen during the night.

One of the most stressful things I find about my bedroom is, in fact, making the darn bed! Of course that is where Youtube comes in

Here is just one of a vast number of videos I followed, on how to make your bed.

Can you imagine all those stupid pillows everywhere? The dogs would sleep on them on the floor where I threw them off nightly, thinking I had made them fancy beds also. They would end up stinking of dog and covered in hair! No thank you!

Or, I could just ban the dogs from the bedroom….. I do have a door gate after all.


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2 thoughts on “Making Your Bed

  1. My decorative pillows stay stacked up on the chair next to the bed more than they stay on the bed!

    Having separate sleeping spaces (and if possible separate bathrooms) is one of the secrets to a long lasting relationship. Poor sleep because of snoring, arm and/or leg thrashing, CPAP noise or different work hours is a guarantee at our place for a grouchy, snarky attitude. Sad but true. And that type of attitude will not produce the harmony needed to stick around, long term.

    Besides, it’s kind of romantic to “visit” the other’s bedroom at times for activities other than crossword puzzles!

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