Top 10 Myths About Weight Loss


It is widely believed that if you focus your exercise and weight training on specific areas of your body that you will be able to reduce the amount of fat in that specific area or region. In reality, there is no such thing as spot reduction, and instead, as you begin to work out and exercise you will start to lose weight evenly throughout your entire body. Just the same, another common myth is that a high number of repetitions will burn more fat when in truth, fewer repetitions with heavier weight will actually cause you to burn more fat in a shorter amount of time than a higher number of reps with a lighter weight.


This is a very common myth that actually is believable if you consider the reasoning behind it. The myth goes on to indicate that because your body needs to heat up the water, it automatically begins to burn calories whenever you drink cold water. This calorie-burning frenzy continues until your body has adjusted the water temperature to be that of your regular body’s warmth. While drinking water (at any temperature) is an important part of any weight loss system, don’t count on losing weight just from drinking alone. Water helps flush out your system keeping you healthy and free of toxins, but you cannot burn calories just by drinking it without a healthy diet.


This myth is a bit confusing, so let’s set the record straight. Eliminating (or at least minimizing) certain foods such as foods that are high in sugars) should be part of your transition into healthy eating. You always want to minimize the number of high fat (low energy) foods whenever possible. However, eliminating complete food groups from your diet and focusing on eating only one kind of food is not only very difficult to stick with, but in order to maintain a healthy diet, you need a well-rounded selection of wholesome foods from all of the food groups.


Nearly every diet out there focuses on lowering your calorie intake and increasing your overall level of activity, and rightly so. The problem comes when dieters believe that by dramatically reducing their calorie intake they will shed the weight and keep it off. It’s important to gradually reduce your calorie intake so that your body’s natural system doesn’t shift into ‘starvation’ mode, which triggers your system into believing that you need to store food for a possible period of famine (this has been part of our system since the beginning of man). You also need to watch out for a disruption in your body’s natural metabolic pace, as dramatic reductions in calories can slow it down making it harder to shed those pounds.


I’ve seen this myth circulate the weight loss communities many times over the years and while the “best time of day” always seems to change, the basic idea remains the same: You need to work out at specific times for maximum results. In reality, you really don’t have to work out early in the morning, late at night, or anything in between as long as you are actually exercising. Focus more on maintaining a consistent schedule of activity and less on when you actually get it done. For busy moms to business owners, being able to set a specific schedule isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve, so it’s great news that the real facts are that regardless of when you actually exercise, your body will burn the same amount of calories for the same workout regardless of the time of day.


I used to believe this myth myself. The idea behind it is that your body must “warm-up” for a period of time before it shifts into “fat-burning mode”, and so anything before xx minutes simply doesn’t count. This is complete nonsense! While you should always work towards incorporating a warm-up period (as well as a slow down process) during your workouts, you actually start burning fat from the moment you begin!


If you ever truly find a food group or item that will cause instant weight loss, please, let me know! Realistically, there are no foods that instantly burn fat, however, there are food types that can increase your metabolism (which will subsequently, help you lose weight).


These diets are typically difficult to stick with because they are very limiting in what you are allowed to eat. Furthermore, the reality of the matter is that while you may lose weight quickly at first, your body will plateau and you will find it difficult to get past the “hump”. Instead, focus on following a healthy eating plan that encompasses foods from the four food groups, ensuring that you not only are given added flexibility in your meal options but that you are receiving the minerals and vitamins that your body requires.


Did you know that there is such a thing as a “Sumo Diet”? It’s thought that Sumo wrestlers eat just before retiring for the day, and rarely eat throughout the day itself as a way of packing on pounds. The reason for this isn’t because eating after 7 pm actually causes major weight gain (the number of calories you have stored at the end of the day will still be transformed into fat regardless of when you ate), but instead, they do this because when you eat less your body ends up storing more fat, while decreasing your metabolism rate. It’s important to eat regularly throughout the day, preferably 6-8 times (three meals and healthy snacks every two hours will keep you satisfied and trigger your body to stay in constant fat-burning mode).


This myth is not only extremely difficult to do, but it actually can harm your system. We all need fat in our diets to survive and to feed our muscles and encourage growth.

While reducing your fat intake will help you lose weight, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to reduce it altogether.

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Things to Consider When Buying Smartphone Accessories


Nowadays, it’s not easy to purchase a mobile phone. Apart from buying one, you also need to invest in some important accessories. Although buying mobile phone accessories is not as complicated as buying a smartphone, you still need to consider a few important factors before buying them. In this article, we are going to talk about a list of things that you may want to consider when purchasing smartphone accessories.

1. Consider the Features

There are two categories of smartphone accessories, and they are called active and passive. Generally, passive accessories don’t have an active function such as a skin or phone cover. On the other hand, active accessories, such as camera lens and Bluetooth earphones have an active function. Therefore, you may want to consider some important things before buying them.

Typically the Bluetooth speaker is used for the amplification of the sound. However, some of these units also double-up as docks. In other words, they can charge your mobile phone as long as it is plugged in. However, you may want to decide whether this feature is really important for you. Therefore, what you need to do is read the features and compare them to the features offered by the competitor’s product.

If these features are not important for you, then we suggest that you follow your gut feelings. Ideally, you may want to purchase accessories from a seller who has a good track record.

2. Consider Branded Stuff

Some accessories don’t cost a lot but their features are quite attractive. People buy these accessories even when they are not trusted or branded. However, make sure that your accessories are branded or at least semi-branded.

If you think you are going to purchase is not durable enough, it will be of no use to you.

3. Warranty and Return Policy

A good way of checking if a product is durable or not is to check its warranty. Warranty will give you the assurance that the product will stand the test of time. In fact, product suitability is determined by important factors such as its quality and cost. Besides, the return policy is also important. Based on the company’s terms and conditions, the return policy may be different.

4. Price Drop Websites

By shopping online, you can enjoy the convenience and save a lot of money at the same time. On the internet, you can use a lot of tools and browser add-ons to get notifications when the prices of some specific products come down. Keeping this in mind is important if you want to save money.

5. User-Friendly

Aside from checking the price and quality, don’t forget to check the features of the product to ensure they are user-friendly. For example, if you are going to purchase a smartwatch, make sure its design and features are user-friendly.

The Takeaway

In short, if you are going to make an informed decision, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this guide. Regardless of what you are going to purchase, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

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No Ragrets: Tattoos We Wish We Never Did | Tattoo Artists React

No matter your line of work, we all have things we’ve done we wish could be taken back. The problem with being a tattoo artist is those mistakes… they’re permanent. We spoke to our panel of artists about the tattoos they regret and we’ve got it all—misspellings, horrid concepts, problematic face tattoos.

Hopefully #13 is lucky for us here at Inked. We’ve rounded up all of your favorite tattooers for our 13th season of Tattoo Artists React. This season we’ll be discussing all of the most important tattoo-related topics—rude things people have said about their tattoos, some advice for people getting their first tattoo, tattoos they regret and more. Plus, our panel judges the tattoos you sent in and they share all of their crazy client stories. It’s going to be a season filled with excitement, hilarity and even the occasional tear. New episodes will be posted every Friday.

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This season’s stars:

Charles Arizmendy
Chris Torres
Courtney Raimondi
Danny Lepore
Erigels Vogli
Jason Ackerman
Jon Mesa
Jozzy camacho
Kenny K Bar
Kevin Boudreau
Lisette Martinez
Mada Fleming
Maria Garza
Megan Massacre
Michela Bottin-Ackerman
Nick Matic
Paul Booth
Tom Kraky .


My Daily Walk (Writing Skills Task #1036)

We (my husband and I) moved out to the country in north Texas a year ago, onto a little piece of property of about 2 acres that needs some work. It has many wild areas full of vines and trees and so far, I have contracted poison ivy three times. No more clearing of wild areas for me!

I do take daily walks around the property in the open areas and always take my camera with me. You never know when you will see deer, hawks or strange insect creatures. One funny creature that meets me on my walk is our next door neighbor, Fonzie – a white pit bull mix dog.  He runs to meet me and enjoys his pats on the head plus he knows that at the end of the walk he gets a treat at the back door of our house.

The first time I saw him which was shortly after we moved in, I had a shiver of fear because of all the stories I have heard about pit bulls. (Our neighbors down the street let him out of their house from time to time and he explores the neighborhood).  That first time I saw him he came up to me slowly and I did my best to sweet-talk to him and he allowed me to love on him and give him cuddles and hugs.

My husband and I started giving him treats whenever we saw him and he quickly became our best friend.  I love it when he meets me in the yard and walks with me. He is a great walking companion and the biggest sweetheart of a dog.  He always walks slightly ahead of me and the picture attached to this story was taken on one of the days that he looked back to make sure I was still nearby.

We do not have any pets since our beloved cat passed away in February but now we have a ‘sometime’ pet in Fonzie. We love him as our own and he makes my daily walks so much more enjoyable!

Walking Companion

Would You Like to Hire a Celebrity Makeup Artist?

No matter how badly you try to emulate your favorite celebrity’s look, the harsh reality is that you always end up falling short. That’s because of the fact that celebrity make-up is always about a string of secrets that regular people will never know unless and until they are hiring celebrity makeup artists themselves. It wouldn’t have been possible for celebrities to pull off such vastly different and yet individualistic looks every time with such aplomb if it had not been for these artists!

The Magic Wielded By Celebrity Makeup Artists

Thanks to their make-up artists, they end up looking so flawless every time they make public appearances. You can hire a Celebrity Makeup Artist to secure similar flawless look as well. Now, the trick is to figure out how exactly you can actually go on to find a celebrity make-up artist at the first place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your wedding or whether you’re just looking to turn heads at a party, hiring the right make-up artist in your city is your passport to fame! Trust us you will be known in your circuit for the looks sported by you after getting the right makeup artist on board.

It is important on your end to carry out a thorough research on the background of artist before you are actually taking a call (whether you want to hire a particular makeup artist or not).

What Should You Remember?

Please remember that artists in general will furnish details of their credentials including their schooling. However, experts maintain that true makeup artistry is not only about great schooling but something which one does passionately and is never scared of learning even when he/she grows old. If one really believes that sky is the limit as far this profession is concerned, then one should not really be afraid of learning as much as he/she can as well.

You should be particularly interested in getting an artist on board who has actually gone on to earn rave reviews from celebrities themselves. Now, you cannot even think of reaching out to your favorite celebs in order to find out what their true opinions regarding the works of a few of the artists out there are. So, the trick is to find out whether the particular artist whose services you are considering has been presented with any prestigious award or not – or for that matter, if you have friends from the celeb circle, you can check with them for suggestions as well.

What Should You Do?

Kindly ensure that you are investing some time in finding the right person. You should be ideally aware of the fact that the services of celebrity makeup artists are definitely costlier than the services of the regular artists. You should start comparing the prices beforehand. Try to have an idea how much extra they can possibly cost you. Start your research before hand so that you have enough time to do your calculations and to figure out whether you would be able to afford services at the first place or not.

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The Breath of Life

Buddhist philosophy has it that the breath helps to center us in the Now. As humans, according to Buddhist thought, we tend to avoid living today, primarily because pain and suffering occur today. We want to avoid pain, so our minds focus on the future. We all dream of a better future, but we can’t get there if we’re not present today.

Breathing is an automatic function. We don’t need to concentrate on every in-breath and exhalation. It’s because we don’t focus on our breathing that we’re absent from the present moment. The purpose of meditation is not to try proper breathing, though this is important. Meditation is about knowing ourselves; the way we think through breathing.

Focusing on the breath forces us to stay present and attuned to our surroundings. Our minds are wild and undisciplined. A thousand thoughts cross it every day, most of which is wishful thinking. We can’t expect to succeed in life if we spend every minute in a perpetual dream state created in the mind.

Breathing properly helps focus our attention on our thoughts as they arise. By being present, we can learn thinking skills, skills that are lacking in the average citizen. Most people don’t breathe properly through the diaphragm. Their breaths are shallow. Subsequently, the brain does not get an appropriate supply of oxygen it needs to function. A brain devoid of oxygen dies.

For proof, we can look at the death of George Floyd who died due to a lack of oxygen to his brain. He couldn’t breathe because of pressure on his neck by a police officer who should have known better.

In congested and polluted cities, it’s difficult to breathe pure oxygen. But we can’t ignore the fact that performance suffers under improper breathing habits we’ve developed. It might help to get to a place where we can practice the art of breathing for optimal health.

Creativity Under a Virus

Being a shut-in due to the current virus scare has a lot of people wondering if they can get back to a normal lifestyle once the Covid-19 ends. While we may regret the disruption of life, this period of time to ourselves may help us get acquainted with ourselves. We all have skills that have been left unused for too long, so this period of time may be just what we need to fuel up our creativity. Who knows, but we may discover talents that may carry us through to better days ahead. Spend time in meditation to discover that you have far more skills than you thought and put those skills into action before life returns to the usual routine.

Rather than fear the current climate, look for the opportunity this time presents. You may not be able to talk face-to-face with your friends, but you can find ways to work from home. If you can’t return to work, contact your employer and discuss ways you can be of service. This time is ideal for giving support to those less fortunate than you. Hundreds of people need encouragement to take them through this difficult time. Don’t assume everyone is as patient as you. Call someone and ask how they’re doing. Expand your horizons. Calling someone helps you as well as the recipient of your call.

Few realize that the time they have available can be used to eat better and get more exercise. There’s no need to stay cloistered at home when a walk outdoors can refresh the thoughts and clear the mental cobwebs. Everyone has grown accustomed to eating on the run, but today everyone can take the time to savor food and enjoy simple pleasures. Reconnect with the family. Get to know the kids you likely ignored before the virus hit.

What it boils down to, this period offers many advantages. It can bring a better life for you and all those around you.

It's always bright in the darkest days
Find the best in every situation