The Kingdom of Ignarook


Ignarook. The market place of the world…or so the villagers called it. Its residents were…

Art PrintsIgnarook. The market place of the world…or so the villagers called it. Its residents were hidden from view by a forest that opened a path or closed one depending on who you were.

Some people never found the gates of Ignarook. Some travellers came and never left.

Villagers from the surrounding areas would travel in to sell their wares, livestock or crafts. They set up stalls and shouted their specials to anyone who was listening. Humans stood around chattng to elves. Fairies sat with their legs dipped into mugs of milk until they were chased off by laughing farmers. It was a happy place. A place where there was no hatred or strife. Until the sentries opened the gate for Hanna.

The sentries were never seen. They guarded the town from strangers and trouble. Some people even thought Ignarook was a legend, guarded by ghosts, as they had searched for years to find the elusive location. Others visited every day, feet leading them straight through an open path up to the gates.

Hannah knew to change from her animal form when she neared the path so the sentries would recognise her. She was one of their kind. They knew her. As an animal however was the one time she was hidden from them. They may refuse her entry or even guard the town from her.

As she neared she changed back to her human female shape, the one she used most often. She called to them and let them know about the uprising. The path opened and Ignarook stood beyond.

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