Welcome to Ignarook

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Jock and Andy followed the path. Sentries watched from the trees as the two humans made their way home from their race. Jock kicked leaves as he walked, hands in pockets. He kept looking at Andy and laughing. Andy was not laughing. He had fallen in a patch of thistles and his face was burning. He kept his eyes down and kept muttering about bad fairies and football cards.

The sign for Ignarook stood at the entrance to a copse. Only humans seemed to have a need for signs and only they actually saw it. The magical creatures who lived in the woods did not even know a sign existed. Although Andy and Jock saw it daily, they did not really look at it. But if it ever disappeared they would immediately get lost. Humans are like that.

The boys leaned down and pushed their way through the overhanging branches and stood in the entrance of the copse.

‘Race you’ laughed Andy suddenly, breaking out of his funk. He led the way through the daisies and butterflies and both boys laughed as ahead lay Ignarook and home.

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