Young ones can walk faster but the older ones know the way!

This is a beautiful, African proverb!

And I wanted to mention it, because even though sight might diminish as we age, the precious value of the experience and the knowledge of wise, elderly persons is not lost, and actually it is  always needed.

Infact, wether they can see properly or not, they can often “see” how things will turn out!

And maybe some of them would like to see my artworks? 🙂 If so, please visit my site whenever you like! In the meantime,  take care!

By Lucia Waterson

I write poems (exclusively in Italian). What I love in working with colours is that it's a direct language with no barriers. And I like how it brings me into my dreamworld. I'm fond in particular of nature, because in its beauty there is love and hope. I started a new series of artworks Weird but True, because many times nature can be quite bizarre! And the first one, Nature's palette, is already uploaded, you can see it in my website I also started a new series of artworks, in which I select news from all over the world and I recount them to you through my eyes and my (he)art. We can take this ongoing journey together if you keep visiting. The first artwork is already uploaded, it's called Touching the sky. Thank you very much! Lucia Waterson

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