The Psychology of colour: Red or Blue?

Colours are powerful, they deeply affect us and our psyche, our emotions and behaviours.  Sometimes in a different way, because we are influenced by our culture, but often it’s an universal impact, because they affect our brain. Infact, a part of it controls how we feel and behave, and it can change also according to the colour we see.

The reason is mostly due to the association our minds instantly does when seeing a colour. For example, red is the love colour, it’s so vibrant, energetic and stimulating. But we might also associate red with anger or with danger. Do you remember when your teacher used to circle in red your mistakes? 🙂 Or maybe we are aware that some poisonous fruits are red. Not to mention the traffic signs, and so on.

Infact, since it activates our sense of caution,  according to a research at the University of British Columbia, red improves memory, proofreading and attention to details.

Instead, blue enhances performances that require creativity. The reason is that we associate blue with sky and ocean, openness and space, tranquility and quietness; it’s the colour of serenity and peace, and makes people feel safe about exploring new avenues and being imaginative and innovative.

So, even though more research is needed, you might want to take into consideration these aspects next time you will choose a piece of art to decorate your office: red for tasks that require attention and blue for those in which you need to be creative.

Visiting my website

you will find that I have works both in red and in blue 🙂

If you enjoyed reading this post, you might wish to check my next one, too:  we will see the psychology of other colours as well.

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By Lucia Waterson

I write poems (exclusively in Italian). What I love in working with colours is that it's a direct language with no barriers. And I like how it brings me into my dreamworld. I'm fond in particular of nature, because in its beauty there is love and hope. I started a new series of artworks Weird but True, because many times nature can be quite bizarre! And the first one, Nature's palette, is already uploaded, you can see it in my website I also started a new series of artworks, in which I select news from all over the world and I recount them to you through my eyes and my (he)art. We can take this ongoing journey together if you keep visiting. The first artwork is already uploaded, it's called Touching the sky. Thank you very much! Lucia Waterson

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