Diamond In The Rough

The Art Challenge that I am doing this month is 30 days long with Red being the theme.  That’s thirty images that I will be creating this month that are mostly red.

When I created the image for Day Three I titled it Diamond In The Red, a takeoff of the idiom “a diamond in the rough”.

As I stated in the image description, “The title to this image is a takeoff of the idiom “a diamond in the rough”.  It literally means a raw diamond that has not been cut and polished.  Figuratively, it means a person with great potential but lacking in social graces.

The literal meaning is reflected in this abstract image.  The diamond in the middle of the red background shines and reflects the pink and purple hues of red but is not totally in focus. It is not “polished”.

I like to think that we are all Diamonds in the rough being polished each day to shine a little brighter in a dark world as we age and mature, much like a diamond that is cut and polished to shine and reflect light.”

Isn’t that a pleasant thought?  That we are all Diamonds in the rough and being polished each day to shine more brightly in a dark world?

What about you?  Are you a diamond in the rough that needs polishing?

Do you shine more brightly today than in the past?

Do you expect to shine more brightly as you age and mature?

I’m not sure I see myself as a diamond, but rough?  Yes.

Am I being polished each day?  Maybe.

Do I shine and reflect light as I age and mature?  Oh, I’m not sure about that at all as sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a grouchy old lady!

Seriously, if I could remember this every day I could probably become a diamond, figuratively speaking.

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