Seeing Red

As I mentioned in my last blog post I am participating in a thirty day art challenge featuring the color Red.  As of this writing I am one third of the way through that challenge.

In researching the color Red, I learned a few new facts as well as refreshing my memory of the facts that I already knew.

I learned years ago that Red is a primary color but I didn’t know that Red is believed to be the first color that babies see and the first color that was recognized and named in ancient times.  All of that has something to do with the wavelengths and the amount of vibrations associated with the color Red.

Facts that had been learned in the past included the psychology of Red.  For example it can stimulate the appetite and that’s why it’s incorporated in the decor of many restaurants.  It is also considered vibrant, warm, energizing and passionate.  It’s a color of power. It can evoke the most powerful emotions.

However, along with those positive vibes, Red can also evoke the negative emotions of anger, hate and revenge.  Seeing Red is an idiom that means you are angry.  Think about how you might get Red in the face when you are angry.

But what color is truly Red?  Scarlet, Ruby or Rose?  I found one web site that listed 134 different shades of the color Red.  One hundred and thirty four shades!

In the first ten days of the challenge my images have featured a few different shades of Red.  It is very likely that in the next twenty days the new images will sport even more shades of the color Red.

Here’s hoping that after thirty days of creating images with one dominant color that I don’t start “Seeing Red” in my sleep!

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