House Cleaning

Spring cleaning. Holiday cleaning.  Company cleaning. Whole house cleaning.

These are names for all over cleaning that goes beyond your daily or weekly chores.

If you live where there are distinct seasons it’s helpful to do an all over house cleaning in the spring.  You get rid of all that has accumulated over the past several months.  During the winter it’s too cold to wash windows, for example.  Once spring arrives you can open the windows and “air out” the house.

Then there’s Holiday cleaning.  You may be moving furniture before setting up a Christmas tree or other holiday decorations and you discover how much dust collects in those unseen places.

Holiday cleaning sometimes overlaps Company cleaning.  Friends or family are coming to celebrate the holidays with you and you want to welcome them into a nice clean house.

All of those above cleanings fall into the Whole House Cleaning category.  That’s when you do it all even if it takes an entire weekend.  You start at the top knocking cobwebs off the ceiling, fans, around crown moulding and down the wall’s corners.   You end up cleaning the floors, sweeping, dust mopping, vacuuming and wet mopping.   Dusting and washing everything in between the ceiling and floors completes the whole house cleaning. It also involves moving furniture to clean the hidden spaces.

I used to be able to clean an entire house in a day.  I would get up early one morning and work 10-12 hours or more.  When I fell into bed exhausted the entire house was spotless.

Company is coming today and I spent the last day and a half cleaning.  Guess what?  A day and a half and it’s not all done!  Most of it is done.  The most obvious is done.  But not all of it all over the entire place is finished.

How long does your own Whole House Cleaning take?

How often does your entire house/apartment get cleaned all at once?

Do you do it or do you hire others?

Does it take you longer now than it did even five years ago?

And maybe the most important question of all:

Is it even important to do a Whole House Cleaning at one time?


Melvin Hancock
21/10/28 at 12:26 pm

As my vision gets worse, the house cleaning gets easier. What dust? 🙂

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