Challenge Addict Club

Those of us on Fine Art America/Pixels who have completed three consecutive challenges are accepted into CAC, a just for fun group called the Challenge Addict Club.  It started when one member said that they felt like they were addicted to these challenges.

I was recently accepted into the “club” and must admit that I did feel a little addicted to signing up for each challenge.  As a matter of fact, I have signed up to participate in the next one that starts this coming Saturday.  How could I not sign up when the theme was Blue and blue is my favorite color?

Most of us think of addiction as a negative behavior.  In this case, the motivation to stay creative, regardless of my situation or emotional status on any given day, has been a positive movement for me.  As I said in an earlier blog post it has helped me to set goals, something that seems a little difficult for me as a dreamer.  Obviously it is also helping me to build up my online portfolio, especially still life images.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Abbie Shores, Artists Community Areas Manager & Technical Support Manager at Fine Art America/Pixels and Owner of Our Arts Magazine (which provided and hosts my blog).  She presents and manages these challenges and designed the beautiful CAC Logo shown above.

Thank you Abbie, for sharing your creative talent, your technical knowledge and especially for continuing to challenge me to push the limits of my creativity.


21/08/05 at 8:46 am

Congratulations on making the club membership. I enjoyed the one day challenge but there’s no way I have the time to do that for multiple days and consecutively. Kind of wish I did have time though because it is fun. Good luck with the next challenge!

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