The Green Theme

The latest art challenge that I have been working on has a specific theme: Green.  Being a lover of nature I thought that this challenge would be easy.  After all there are green trees and shrubs right out our door and green fruits and vegetables in our refrigerator.

But what about the descriptions that accompany my images?  That was not so easy.  I normally write a short poem or story or research facts and trivia to put into my descriptions.

Color is not a simple concept to define!  There are primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. But all primary colors are not the same.  It depends on which color wheel or chart you are viewing.

There is something called a Color Space such as RGB, CMYK (more modern) or RYB (traditional).

There is an RBG color wheel and an RYB color wheel.  RBG stands for Red, Blue & Green and is used for electronic screens.  RYB stands for Red, Yellow & Blue and is used in traditional painting and coloring. Those three letters each represent the primary color on that particular color wheel.

Not to confuse you further but don’t forget that there are also different shades and hues of green from lime to forest in each of those color wheels.

Lastly you cannot research the color green without finding the psychology of color. Even within the study of psychology there are different aspects of how the green color is perceived both by our brain and our culture. Everything from positive emotional support, as green reminds us of nature which can be calming,   to negative emotions such as envy, jealousy or feeling & looking sickly or ill.   Culturally green can stand for (paper) money or for environmentally friendly business practices and lifestyles.

Whew!  As this post is being published I have finished three of the five days of the Green Theme Challenge and wrote my descriptions staying away from all the above criteria for the definition of this color.

Let’s hope I don’t “turn green” after all of this!


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