Technically, a coincidence is an occurrence of events that happen at the same time by total accident.  It could also be defined as the appearance of a meaningful connection when there is none. 

Do you believe in co-incidences? 

Personally, I think there are very few co-incidences in life.

I do, however, believe in what I call Holy Co-incidences (God ordained events) and I experienced one of those this very week.

February has found me posting alphabet letter images for the Journal 2022 challenge and each day the letter I choose has a word associated with it.  For example, the first day of the month I posted an image of the first letter of the Modern English Alphabet  A and titled it “A Is For Artists”.

When I began to work on Sunday’s post I chose the letter F and decided to title it “F Is For Faith”.   I was preparing the description and included a few definitions of faith.  After completing the description I got curious about what my Sunday devotion might be.  I actually wondered if it would coincide with my Sunday post of F is for Faith. 

It did!  The devotion for that Sunday in the Upper Room devotional that I use daily was about Faith!

Common co-incidence?  I think not!


22/02/10 at 5:51 pm

I agree with you. Something similar happened to me in December. We were planning a “Congratulations” party for my step-son for a big achievement in his Marine career. Everyone was making video clips with remembrances and congratulatory messages. What I wanted to say was a little different and I kept flip-flopping on whether I wanted to go with that idea. As I was running out of time, we were leaving church and I picked up a Daily Devotions book for the next month. I opened it to a random page and there was the exact subject I wanted to talk about. Coincidence?

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