Please Close The Window

Today’s Blog Post is a very short piece that was originally written for an Our Arts Magazine Writing Skills Task #1008.

The rain pelting down on the metal roof was deafening.  The gentle shower had turned into a fierce storm.  She had started to drift off to sleep when the first drizzles cooled the stifling heat of the day. But now that the raindrops sounded like rocks pelting the roof she was wide awake.

As she sat up on one elbow she could see her husband’s silhouette as he stood between the window sheers that were flying on either side of him.  The wind was whipping the light weight material as easily as a feather floats on air.


A chill swept over her as she watched raindrops flying into the room.  “Please close the window and come back to bed.”    Watching him close the window and turning towards her she sunk back into the sheets.  As the storm calmed down she quickly slipped into dreamland.




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