Date Memories

Date Memories:  Remembering when things happened in the past by remembering the dates of important events.

For example people who have lived through a major natural disaster remember life events by “before” the storm and “after” the storm (or earthquake or fire, etc.) .

What about: Before and after high school?  College?  Marriage?  Children?   Death of a loved one?  A serious accident?

What about holidays?  Have any life events marked holidays as special or depressing for you?

Are certain seasons marked in your life by happy or sad events?

I have markers in my life that were placed there by several of the above scenarios.   I can remember events by when we moved to different states, by before and after a natural disaster and two holidays are somewhat depressing because of multiple deaths of loved ones on or close to those holidays.

This week includes three days in a row that involved my loved ones.  My father in law passed away on the 28th, my late mother’s birthday is on the 29th and my Baby Girlfriend Cookie passed away on the 30th.  I will always remember when those two deaths took place because they revolved around my mother’s birthday.

What life events have determined the “markers” in your life?

What serious and important events have divided your life into the before and after stages?

Are those markers good events or sad ones?

As we enter the winter season of life it’s helpful to have these markers, as it can get harder to remember when certain events took place.

After all, the longer we live, the more events we have to remember!

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