Another Autumn

Another Autumn season is here.  Falling leaves, pumpkins, cooler weather and soon Halloween.

I wrote a “story” in second grade on two folded sheets of non-bleached paper that my mother had saved for me.  I kept those wrinkled sheets of paper for over forty years.

The story was about my favorite season.  Now, if you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE summer and cannot stand winter.  But in second grade, living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, my favorite season was fall ( aka autumn).  That’s right. Cooler weather and all!

I remember I had drawn an orange leaf.  Orange.  My least favorite color.  Orange.  The only color that I can hardly stand.  But there it was in my second grade story.  An orange leaf representing my favorite season.

What is your favorite season?

Has your favorite season ever changed?

Is your favorite color the same as your childhood favorite color?

Are there other likes and dislikes in your life that have changed over the years?

It has been said that change is life.  Like the seasons our likes and dislikes can change as we age.

I still love those brilliant colors as the deciduous tree leaves change into their autumn shades.  Cooler evenings can bring campfires, hot coco and s’mores.

But truth be told, I can enjoy those fires, hot coco and s’mores just as much in July at the beach!

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