The last challenge that I completed on Fine Art America/Pixels was a Three Day Perspective Challenge.  Since one of my lessons after a tragedy was the depth of the saying Life Is A Matter Of Perspective, I was excited about the challenge.

However, this challenge was about the technical aspect of perspective in art, not how each of us view life differently.

In researching Perspective In Art I learned the nomenclature of techniques that I already knew but didn’t know those techniques had specific names.

For example there are One, Two and Three Vanishing Points when talking about perspective.  When you look at a painting or photograph of a long straight road the pavement appears to get narrower as you look down the road.  You know in reality that the lanes are the same width in front of you as they are 300 feet further away but your “perspective” is that of narrower lanes.  That illustrates a One Vanishing Point.  Looking at the corner of a building illustrates Two Vanishing points as you can look to the right or the left off of that corner. Three Vanishing Points could be illustrated by looking at a cube.  There are vanishing points going off to the left, right and towards you.

Those are the perspectives that I used for my images.  Day One used the One Vanishing Point, Day Two the Two Vanishing Points and Day Three used the Three Vanishing Points.

There are other perspectives such as a Line Perspective illustrated by a Horizon and an Aerial Perspective where the scenery in the background appears more muted and smaller as the distance increases.  I would have used other perspective techniques if the challenge had continued past three days.

The other artists that completed this challenge used different types of perspective in creating their images.  In the end our images, just like life, presented the truth that “Life Is A Matter Of Perspective”!

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