Tunnel Vision

There are several meanings of the phrase Tunnel Vision. For example a medical condition known as Tunnel Vision is when your visual field is narrowed resulting in loss of peripheral or side vision.

However, today’s blog post will concentrate on another definition.  Being completely focused on something to the exclusion of almost everything else is also called tunnel vision.

You may also have tunnel vision if you possess a very narrow view on a subject usually to the point of not being able to see or accept another person’s viewpoint.

Have you ever experienced either of these last two definitions?

Have you become so engrossed in a project that you couldn’t think of anything else  until that project or activity was completed?

Some would say that having tunnel vision concerning a project or activity is a positive thing.  Imagine you are completing a task at work and you are totally focused on that task to the point that you may forget to take a break or lunch hour.  If that task is important to you or your company your tunnel vision might serve a productive purpose by helping you to concentrate on completing that task.

Have you held a view of something, an opinion maybe, and absolutely could not see any other viewpoint because you were so focused on your own opinion or belief?

All of us know people who are so set in their opinions, habits and beliefs that they cannot see life from anyone else’s perspective.  Some people have tunnel vision when it comes to politics or religion for example.  No amount of rational or common sense explanations of another viewpoint will change that person’s mind. 

I certainly can relate to the definition of becoming focused on a project to the exclusion of almost anything else. Once I start a new project I want to dive into that activity wholeheartedly and I do not want to think about, look at or do anything else until that task is completed.

What about you?  Have you experienced tunnel vision?

Was it the type of tunnel vision where you become super focused on something or was it the type where you cannot see anyone else’s viewpoint on an issue?

Feel free to share your experience with tunnel vision in the comment section.

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