A New Art Challenge

I participated in a new art challenge this week.  The challenge was to write a description, story or poem about the subject, Paintbrush.

I chose to write a poem.  After completing the challenge I decided to create an image to go along with that poem.

The image was a photograph of many artists’ paintbrushes in a glass.  To accentuate the brushes, the photograph was manipulated in software to eliminate all of the background and color in the photograph and the edges of the remaining elements were abstracted.

The poem:

When will she come back?
When will she wrap those slender fingers around my wooden body?
When will she relieve the pain in my far end after resting my entire weight on that single point for so long?

Now. She comes now.
Oh great relief as she wraps her fingers around my body and lifts me out of the glass where I’ve been waiting patiently for her.
Now. She dips my fine hair in cool water before dipping those hairs in glorious color.
Oh what great joy as she uses my hair to spread those wonderful colors on the blank canvas.
Now. She gently swishes my colored hairs in the cleansing warm water.
Oh how soothing that clean warm water feels.

Wait. She plops me, far end down, into the glass jar that many of us occupy.
Wait. That’s what we do.
Wait. We wait until the muse hits her once again and she rescues us from boredom.

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You can view a larger version of the featured image here: 



Kimberly Atkins
06/09/2023 at 6:23 am

Love it! Parts of this poem made me blush a little. ???? My mind always in the gutter. ????
All joking aside…….your very talented!

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