The Red Eye

Today’s blog post is going to be about one of my recent images that was created for a Personal Art Challenge on Fine Art America (Theme: Kitchen).  Some of you may have already seen this image and read the description.  For those of you who haven’t you can read the description below and see a full size version of the image here:

A red eye flight is an airplane trip that leaves at night and arrives in the morning. These night time flights are named because many passengers who cannot sleep on a plane arrive at their destinations with dry, red eyes.

The Red Eye is also known as eyes can appear red when camera flashes are used and pointed directly at the person’s face.

However, neither of these definitions pertain to this image. The title to this image is a play on words.

The photograph was taken of a stove eye as it was heated to it’s highest temperature. When heating stove eyes to high temperatures their normally black coils glow red, much like red glowing embers from a campfire.

You can also see that this stove has a black metal top and the eye is surrounded by a silver looking metal. There is a metal pan under the coiled eye to catch any spills from pots that may boil over.

In the middle of the metal pan under the coiled eye is a circular opening. In the case of this particular eye that open circle allows excess heat to escape when the oven is turned on.


That image was the final one of that particular challenge.  Stay tuned next week as I participate in yet another Art Challenge with a new theme (Reflections).

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