Pink Skies

The most gorgeous, amazing sunsets that I have ever seen were in the Cedar Point area of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  Cedar Point is a piece of land that juts out into the Bay of Saint Louis, a shallow bay that flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Not long ago I heard on a weather program that pink skies were rare and an anomaly. 


The minute I heard that statement I thought to myself, “They have never seen a Cedar Point sunset.”

It’s actually the afterglow, the minutes after the sun has slipped below the horizon when you get the most dramatic colors in the sky.  Sometimes those colors are reflected in water, glass or other shiny objects such as the side of a clean vehicle.

I was going through my photo archives this week looking for reflection photographs to post in the 365 Challenge (a personal art challenge posting new work every day in 2022).   More often than not my sunset/afterglow photographs had various shades of pink in the sky.

Let’s give the “expert” who reported pink skies as a rarity the benefit of the doubt.  Possibly that person meant pink skies that are not related to sunsets are rarities. 

Pink skies:  

Amazing? Yes. 

Awesome? Yes.

A rarity?  Not in my life and hopefully not in yours!

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