Sweet Dreams

One of the Fine Art America Challenges that I am participating in uses Bedroom as its theme.   My first image of three this week for that challenge was titled Sweet Dreams.

A few days before the challenge started another artist discussed dreams in our forum.  That artist relayed a few details about a dream they had the night before. You can see why dreams have been on my mind lately.

We have read or been told that dreams are our sub conscience revealing something to us.  Or that it’s our minds working out a solution to a problem that  may be concerning to us. We also can read many other explanations about why we dream and what symbols there are in our dreams.

Not everyone remembers their dreams and sometimes we can remember one dream but not another.  I tend to remember my dreams more now than I did in the past but if I don’t write it down within the first few minutes of waking then it’s lost in the halls of memory, possibly forever.  My mother had a stack of notebooks beside her bed that she used to write down her dreams upon waking. 

I don’t know the meaning of most of my dreams but I do know that the ones that I remember the most detail about are the  ones that deal with something that I’ve read or experienced the day or evening before the dream.  My most vivid dreams are those that involve people or places that I have read or talked about in the hours before bedtime.

Do you remember your dreams?

Do you write them down?

Do you think about what they might mean?

Do you have sweet dreams or nightmares?

Oh my!  Nightmares.  Another topic for another day.

Today I wish each of you sweet dreams and remembrance of those precious thoughts that swirled around your sub conscience until they surfaced for you to enjoy them.


22/06/02 at 2:35 pm

I know I dream but I rarely remember anything about them. Once in a great while, I will remember I dreamed about a particular person, place, event, etc, but there is no associated story – just that single reference to make me wonder what was in the dream.

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