How Do You Know That

If we told my Mother something unusual she would ask, “How do you know that?”  She was not questioning the validity of what we were saying, she was only curious about all things.

Sometimes when I am doing research online I will silently ask that same question.  For example, a recent image creation needed research for the accompanying description.

I was researching National Pencil Day and  was listing a few fun facts about pencils in the description with the image when I had to ask, “How do they know that?”

The fun fact that I was questioning was this:  You can draw a line up to 45 miles long with one pencil.

Seriously, how did anyone come to that conclusion? 

Did someone literally draw a line on something until the graphite gave out and then measured the line?

What in the world would you use to draw a line that long and then be able to measure it?

Would you only draw lines on paper and then add up the length of all the lines that you had just drawn?

Is there some type of computation that states how many lines of a particular length a certain measurement of graphite would be able to draw?

Is so, how was that computation determined?

Do you also wonder how do you (or they) know that?

Do any of you that are reading this have any other suggestions that would explain the pencil fun fact?

If so, please share in the comment section below and enlighten the rest of us curious folks!

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