Spring Break

I wanted to spend some time on Amelia Island, Florida.   I picked my birthday week and went online to make reservations.

 No vacancies.  Booked up.   In March?   I then remembered that Colleges around the U.S. take a spring break anywhere from the end of February to the middle of April.

We decided instead of going to Florida we would go to the Mississippi Gulf Coast where we had lived for almost 20 years until five years ago.  We were able to secure a rental directly in front of our former home. 

There we were.  Right there in our old neighborhood.  What a gorgeous location, too.  The house we stayed in faces the Saint Louis Bay.  It is a beautiful home with a nice pier built out into the bay.

When we lived there I would help the out-of-state owners anytime that they had renters as I was right there next to the property.  I had been in their house thousands of times.  We had even spent one Christmas holiday there since we had moved.  I felt like I was home.

The big change, though, was that all of our neighbors were no longer there.  The few of us that lived in that neighborhood full time sold our homes and moved away.  The entire neighborhood now consists of vacation homes for people who live out of state.

We spent the first two days visiting with friends from New Orleans.  The weather was great but we were inside much of the time.  The third day the weather was great in the morning but clouded up and rained in the afternoon.  Day four and five:  all day rain!

When I posted on social media that we were headed south, going to the coast, everyone told me to enjoy the beach since they all know how much I love the beach. 

I never got to the actual beach! 

The best part about the stay is that it didn’t matter that I never got to the actual beach.  The entire front of the rental house faces the water and is all glass.  My brain was filled with natural light and views of the water for days.  That was exactly what I needed. 

Lots of natural light and views of the water. 

Visits with friends. 

Staying in a gorgeous home.

My Spring Break.

Thank you God for refreshing my soul.

Mother Nature:  you can bring on the warm weather anytime now as we have headed back north to colder temperatures!  


Kimberly Atkins
22/03/16 at 8:38 am

Doesn’t it just feel so weird and sad at the same time to return to a place that your so familiar with…..only to find it so different from the way you left it ?! That’s how I felt visiting Adel after many years. So happy that you had such a nice vacation anyway.
I sure hope you make it to Amelia Island sometime. If you love great seafood, art & the ocean, you’ll have a wonderful time. Just remember to book about a year, maybe 2 in advance.

    22/03/16 at 4:57 pm

    Yes, Kim, it is weird to “go back home”. We could not afford to live in the “old hood” and I would never be satisfied at any other location as that was the best one. But it’s great to visit and catch up with friends.

    I’ve been to Amelia twice and am determined to go back. Maybe at the end of April or first of May. I’ll let you know and you can come visit me!

22/03/10 at 1:37 pm

This is great news! For those of us who need the sunlight, I am so happy you got to experience some in March! Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was just what you wanted and needed!!!

    22/03/12 at 2:19 am

    Two days of sun and three of rain! But even on the rainy days there was still lots of natural light in that gorgeous house.

Kathy McCart
22/03/10 at 1:36 pm

Love it! How great to be right there in old neighborhood. ❤️☀️☀️❤️☀️

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