Travel Anxiety

I have family members who almost never travel and others who are constantly traveling.  I used to travel much more than I do now.  I enjoyed it.  Travel meant a visit to family far away or a vacation to the beach.  I love the beach!

But then something happened.  Travel became too much trouble.  Too much work.  Too much anxiety to deal with.

When did traveling become more work than it’s worth? 

I quit flying after 9/11.  Not because I was afraid of dying in a plane crash.  I quit because of my anxiety of being pulled aside, felt up, searched, x-rayed and delayed or a myriad of other concerns because of the faux security of the TSA.

Not flying meant trains, buses or road trips.  I’ve heard enough stories from friends about bus trips to cross that transportation off of my list. 

That leaves trains and road trips.  As I get older road trips become somewhat painful.  My back will only take so many hours sitting in basically one position.  And I am too impatient to get where I’m going to break up a 15-20 hour trip into a two or three day trip, only traveling a few hours a day.

I’ve lost my passion for adventure and the journey.  It’s now “let’s just get there!”

Packing!  Oh me oh my, what to pack!  I almost always take too much and not the right clothes when I travel.  That’s another frustration. 

Evidently I am not a good traveler anymore.

I am planning a vacation trip as I write this post.  Departure (by pickup truck) is less than three days away and already my mind is screaming, “What the heck am I going to wear?  I don’t have enough nice clothes for a week’s stay!” 

There’s also the dread of a seven to eight hour ride and having to drive the truck instead of my vehicle when I want to go somewhere different than the hubby.

I know that I need an attitude adjustment even before I start to pack but that is easier said than done.

Fun, adventure, stinky oxygen filled marsh air and the sound of waves waiting for me.  Those are the things I need to be concentrating on to adjust my thinking.

Here’s to dwelling on the positive, keeping up with my yoga stretches for my back, and taking jeans and t-shirts to wear — after all, I’m going to the beach where shorts, tank tops and flip flops  are the norm!


Kimberly Atkins
22/03/16 at 8:52 am

I can relate to the airport security thing. While I’m waiting in line I’m imagining all the crazy things that could go wrong when it’s my turn. But the BIGGEST one is……..

🤔 Will they find my gummies?

22/03/07 at 4:38 pm

I too feel a bit of anxiety about travel as I grow older. The problem being that I’ve always been infected with the Star Trek syndrome: “To Boldly Go!” Fortunately for me my desire for adventure tends to override my anxiety about traveling.

    22/03/11 at 5:24 pm

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Bob!

    Thank goodness your “To Boldly Go” allows you to GO!

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