The Biggie

I recently signed up for a 365 Day Personal Art Challenge. I have committed to create and post a new image every day for the next year!

No wonder it is called The Biggie Challenge.

The good news is that I am allowed 30 days off throughout the year. It can be a day here and there or 30 consecutive days. My choice, as needed.

The not so good news is that I am full of trepidation about the whole thing. I almost waited until the deadline to sign up. I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit. I read from other artists that anyone who didn’t sign up would regret it. After all we could drop out at any time.

Well, I don’t want to commit to something thinking that it’s okay to drop out at any time!

Another concern was that this challenge is to be like a journal. Each image is to be a reflection or explanation of that day. This would be similar to writing in a journal except my writing (description) would include an appropriate image.

I would never make my own personal journal or diary public and yet isn’t that what I would be doing? YIKES!

My sister, another artist and supporter who is also taking the challenge, suggested that since my normal habit in these challenges has been to create and post in the mornings that I could create images and descriptions of how I would like my day to be, rather than waiting for the day to be nearly over and then posting how it actually unfolded.

That suggestion helped relieve most of the fear and stress of facing this challenge and doing it publicly.

Those of you who follow my blog can also follow me on this art journey here: KeppenArt. My images and descriptions will be posted in the Journal 2022 Collection which is on the second page of Collections on my site.

I will also be posting those daily images on my Facebook Art page ( ).

I hope to be sharing this with all of you starting January 1st!


22/01/06 at 1:00 am

Yes, it is a biggie of a challenge. But, with your talent, you should have no problem – especially if you take it “one day at a time” – as the saying goes. You create outstanding art and it will be fun to periodically check on your “Journal 2022” additions. Best of luck in achieving your goals.

    22/01/06 at 3:34 am

    Thanks Bill, for your kind words.

    That is how I am taking the challenge thus far: one day at a time. Because it is a journal I am not planning ahead as I did for some of the other challenges.

    The support and encouragement of other artists like yourself certainly helps and I know from the 30 day challenges that as the year progresses that support will mean even more.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog and commenting!

21/12/31 at 12:07 pm

Yeah! It will be fun to try this without the stress of having to finish! How wonderful that you may find some joy in how ever long it lasts! I am glad you won’t miss it!

    22/01/06 at 3:38 am

    Thanks Roberta.

    You have been one of my biggest fans and supporters in my life in general as well as for my art. I hope you know how much I appreciate you!

    Good luck to you in this challenge!

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