Neglected Or Weathered

The image above shows a house that was once a grand building.  But through neglect, the weather slowly destroyed its beauty.

That’s how I feel today.  Not neglected but definitely “weathered”.  I am “under the weather” as the old saying goes.  I have been physically ill for several days and not able to complete all my responsibilities.  This blog post, for example, is being posted several hours later than usual.

Therefore, since I feel like this house looks, my post for today is the story of this image, copied from my art site KeppenArt.

Haunted By Neglect 2 is a photograph of a house in a small village in the southeast section of Ohio that was founded in 1815.

The Second Empire Style, obvious in the features of this house, was used extensively in the northeastern and mid-western parts of the United States from the 1850’s to the 1900’s.

Almost all of the distinguishing features of Second Empire architecture are built into this house, including a Mansard roof (sloped, patterned, and shingled), an iron roof crest, decorative or rounded window surrounds, dormers, bracketed cornices and a one story porch.

Neglect has taken its toll on this building. The porch roof has rotted from un-repaired water damage. Siding on one side of the house is falling off, exposing the lathework that provides a backing for the interior plaster (out of view in this image).

I took photographs of this house from several different angles and was surprised to learn that it is actually inhabited. Not only was there a truck in the side drive but as I was shooting these images the window air conditioners started running. A former resident of the village told me that the house was used as a rental for many years. Another local told me in late 2016 that this house had been demolished.

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