Meet Edie, my first foster dog. She was turned into the animal shelter in Florence, Alabama with severe hair loss and a diseased eye. The eye problem was diagnosed as two different problems at first and there was a possibility that it would be removed.

I was thrilled to hear that not only had all of her hair grown back but the eye problem could be dealt with without removing it.

Edie is one of the lucky dogs. She had a rescue (Brown Dog Coalition Rescue) that pulled her out of the shelter and provided transport to her new home, a foster who loved and cared for her and a loving home waiting for her arrival.

Not all shelter dogs are so lucky. Many come into the shelter with injuries or diseases and are euthanized because there isn’t money to treat them. Even puppies have been put to sleep because of the lack of funds.

That’s where Chloe’s Fund steps in. Animals in the Lauderdale County, Florence, AL area have been saved, rescued and adopted because there was money in the fund for surgeries and treatments for adoptable shelter animals. But the need is great and the funds run out.

By purchasing a product with this image (or any of the images in my Going To The Dogs Collection) you are not only receiving a unique item but you are helping to save an animals life! Check on my homepage here at Kathy From KeppenArt for the link to that Collection.

Thank you to all of those who have already purchased and/or donated to that fund!

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