An Old Lady Remembers

An old lady remembers penny candy and candy that came in a small, wax container that you chewed up after drinking the sweet, colored liquid. And candy cigarettes.

She remembered pedal powered toy cars and tractors before the production of battery powered ones. She remembered that the toy tractors were tricky navigating curves with that single front tire.

Childhood memories flooded her brain until they were washed away with flashbacks of adolescence. High school band and football games. Boyfriends. Graduation.

The old lady’s brain was on overdrive. Good times and bad all zoomed in and out.
She remembered moving. More than once. First in high school and then numerous times in adulthood. Hubby’s work. That was the force behind the long distant moves in adulthood.

She remembered early marriage. Week days spent working away from home during the day while cleaning and restoring old houses in her free time. Week-ends camping at the river. Playing in the warm sun and cool water. Settling into the soft sand at night, tucked into a cozy sleeping bag.

She remembered long road trips to visit family members during holidays and family reunions. New nieces and nephews. And then great nieces and great nephews. And then great-great nieces!

She remembered part time, after school and week end jobs. Had she really worked in so many different areas? Retail sales at a five and dime store, cashier and sales clerk at a small, regional department store, a drug store, restaurants, call centers, vegetable stand, babysitting, fast food, oyster bar, manufactured home salesperson, local TV advertising, dental offices, real estate offices, photographer, painter and what else that she could not remember. And most of these jobs were held while also performing the duties of a domestic engineer! It actually tired her out thinking about all the different jobs she had held over the years.

She remembered fun. The old lady had always loved having fun. It could be as simple as playing jacks and jumping rope as a child or as complicated as a chess game as an adult. As long as it wasn’t a chore an activity could be fun.

As she remembered all the fun things she had done and all the friends that she had fun doing those things with she felt energized and refreshed. She thought it was like getting up in the morning feeling great and ready to face the world with a cheerful heart.

All of a sudden the old lady burst out laughing. She had never been a morning person and didn’t know what it felt like to get up in the morning feeling great or cheerful. She thought she might be losing her mind comparing mornings with feeling refreshed and energized. Just thinking about that made her laugh that much harder.

The old lady remembered how much fun it was being a night owl.
The old lady remembered fun and she smiled.

Because the old lady loved to have fun.

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