Paying It Forward

Has someone been kind, encouraging or generous towards you? Must you “Pay It Forward”?

No, you don’t have to, but I certainly want to, and this is why: I see paying it forward as a win-win situation.

Morally, I think it’s the right thing to do. But I also see a reward. You can call it the warm fuzzy feeling or the knowledge that you followed your heart or conscience in helping someone out. You win that content feeling and the recipient wins whatever you passed on. Win-Win.

Deciding how to pay it forward or to whom can be as easy as smiling at a stranger who looks about to cry or as difficult as not knowing who might need a financial donation the most. I suggest you do what you believe your heart is leading you to do. It Often becomes easier as you continue to live your life Paying It Forward.

Smiling is free and easy. Opening a door for a mother who is struggling with a cart full of groceries and two screaming toddlers will be a small gesture on your part but may save that mother’s sanity for another few minutes.

Sending a card of encouragement to a elderly or frail shut in will cost you very little in time and money but may be the very lift that person needs to face another day of being confined in their home or hospital room.

Deciding to give a financial gift to a needy person may be a little more difficult but very doable. There are numerous natural disasters occurring all over the world on a daily basis. Research charitable organizations and religious foundations first. Then write your check or drop your coins in the bucket. I can tell you first hand that every penny helps. Your $1 and the next person’s $1 equals a $2 donation. Then another $1, and another and another and before you know it the person who needed help has $100 in hand.

Disabled? Poor? Feel like you can’t help another in any way? You can! You can pray for them or meditate on happy, healing thoughts on their behalf. Plus praying and meditating on positive energy is good for all of us.

Whether you believe this or not the fact remains that we all connected on this earth. The more we Pay Kindness and Generosity and Love forward the more peaceful this world and our hearts will be.

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