It Has Begun

As OAM has graciously allowed members to set up our own little corner on the magazine I have gratefully spent time looking around, playing around and asking questions.

I will be doing more of the same in the coming days as I learn from the time spent here.

I sincerely hope that anyone that might happen to read these posts will also find their own creative, learning outlet if they need a way to get through any storm they may be weathering. Personally I am weathering winter. Cold. Dark. Depressing. Stifling. Winter.

Looking forward to spring and then my favorite season, SUMMER!—kkm 1/28/2021


02/03/2021 at 4:56 pm

I am rediscovering my outlet of playing the piano and singing. In years gone by, music was key in my life…but alas! Life got in the way! Well, I am back to it, especially when I get bogged down. Praying spring comes soon for you!

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