Autumn is a Lady

Autumn is a Lady is a modern contemporary abstract piece I recently created and when I was finished the title jumped out at me. I remember thinking what a great book cover it would make and how if I were a writer, I would write a novel of the same name just so I could… Continue reading Autumn is a Lady

Black Eyed Susan

Her name is Rudbeckia but you can call her black eyed susan. She is wild and free and loves to snuggle up with an Indian blanket on the side of a hill or in a meadow. She has long golden petals and beautiful brown lashes and though she resembles her cousin the sunflower, she likes… Continue reading Black Eyed Susan

Let art give you a lift

Are you down in the dumps and feeling blue? You need art. Did you know that art can relieve anxiety and improve your mood? Studies have shown that viewing beautiful artwork can mimic the feelings you get when you are falling in love by releasing dopamine in your brain.There are also reports that art can… Continue reading Let art give you a lift

Is Art Necessary?

  Do you think art is necessary? Many people think of art as an unnecessary luxury item but I want to convince you that art can be necessary to your life and business. Did you know that you can use colorful abstract art to stimulate or calm emotions? For instance, blue is calming and therefore… Continue reading Is Art Necessary?

Abstract Realism

  There was a question recently posed in an artists forum discussion. "Abstract or Realism?" and my gut response was, both! So I started to explore if there was such a thing as abstract realism, because I really feel like we shouldn't have to choose one or the other. As it turns out Abstract realism… Continue reading Abstract Realism