On Finding Inspiration

a perfect blue summer sky with puffy white clouds digital oil painting
Summer Clouds in a Blue Sky by artist Shelli Fitzpatrick

For an artist inspiration is so important, but there are times when it seems to be very hard to find. On days like that I find that I just need to step back from “the studio”, which as a digital artist happens to be my computer screen and I will get outside and look at the sky.

The first digital artworks I ever created were done from my photographs of the Oklahoma sky. It is a constant source of awe and I like to think of it as the Creator’s everchanging canvas of new and beautiful works. It never fails to inspire me and I always find myself snapping iphone shots to use as future mixed media for some of my own new works. 

So when I have spent too much time inside and I am getting artist block, all I have to do is walk out the back door and look up and suddenly I start to feel fresh inspiration again. I hope you will try it! 

shelli fitzpatrick (15)

Indie Artist from Oklahoma.

By shelli fitzpatrick

Indie Artist from Oklahoma.


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