Abstract Art Obsession

Obsessed with Abstracts

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A quick browse thru my artist website will reveal to you that I have an obsession with digital abstract art. I love to look at it and especially to create it.

There is such a freedom in just letting the work lead you. When you start out just playing around with color, shapes, brushes and effects and then when you reach that moment when an artwork starts to gel and you suddenly know what it is supposed to look like so now you take the lead and add the finishing touches.

Each piece turns into an adventure and the creation of each piece is exciting and fresh. It may sound vain for me to say this but when I look back again at certain artworks I have made I get that same excitement all over again.

One thing I really love about abstract work is that each piece is truly unique and while the style can be copied, they cannot be exactly duplicated. How do I know? Because I have tried to make the same thing twice and even I can’t do it with my own art. That is why I don’t mind posting my abstract art for sale online and letting it inspire others.


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By shelli fitzpatrick

Indie Artist from Oklahoma.


    1. Thank you for the compliment Abbie! I think abstract art is an acquired skill so I encourage you not to give up. Half the battle for me was finding the right software to create mine. But I doubt I could do well with real paint, canvas and brushes. lol

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