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Water Meter Art
Published 4/18/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Before joining Fine Art America I hadn’t thought of everyday infrastructure items as being art.  But Industrial Art, as it’s called, seems to be very popular.  Hotel rooms and lobbies tend to display many photographs of old, wood or rusty metal items. I suppose there’s a touch of nostalgia that makes such art in vogue. Modern electronics and digital life fill our days to the more ❯

Button Collections
Published 4/13/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  How many of you have a button collection?  Maybe you have a button jar or box? I’m not sure why I keep all those extra buttons that come with shirts and blouses but I do.  Those buttons are sent with your garment so you will have a matching one if any buttons come loose and fall off of your shirt. How many times has that happened and you actually lost the loose button, not more ❯

Beauty Along The Sidewalk
Published 4/4/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Last November I wrote a blog post titled In Your Own Backyard. It was basically about finding beauty where you are as opposed to going out looking for it. This week I learned that lesson again but it was out our front door this time. We had an entire week of warm, sunny days after months of cold weather. The Stella D’Oro Daylilies that are planted along the front sidewalk woke up from more ❯

Charleston SC Deli Sign
Published 3/28/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
This week’s image was a photograph taken in Charleston South Carolina (USA). My sister is on a river cruise on the southeastern coast of the United States and boarded her ship in Charleston, South Carolina. Her cruise reminded me that I had visited Charleston early last year and had taken hundreds of photographs around the city. Most of the photographs that I took in Charleston were not more ❯