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Stone Skull aka The Garden Ghost
Published 7/18/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  The planting bed in front of our apartment is mulched with rocks.  Sitting on the front porch one day this week I noticed one particular rock. There were holes in that rock that made it look like a human skull! That rock mulch was put down in those beds over a year ago.  I have not raked or moved those rocks around.  That very rock landed “face up” when those rocks more ❯

Off This Week
Published 7/11/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
Thank you for checking with Kathy From KeppenArt.  I am taking this week off from blogging but will return next week. In the meantime please feel free to check out my latest images (or some of my older ones if you like!) by clicking more ❯

Tunnel Vision
Published 7/4/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
There are several meanings of the phrase Tunnel Vision. For example a medical condition known as Tunnel Vision is when your visual field is narrowed resulting in loss of peripheral or side vision. However, today’s blog post will concentrate on another definition.  Being completely focused on something to the exclusion of almost everything else is also called tunnel vision. You more ❯

Hay Day
Published 6/27/2024 in Kathy From KeppenArt
  This week’s challenge image and today’s blog post title is a take-off of the word heyday. The title Hay Day consists of two words with the first word spelled with an A. Heyday is all one word and is spelled with an E as the second letter. The image and post titles (Hay Day) describe a day when hay was gathered and baled in a field next to the apartment complex where more ❯


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