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Last week I told you about my Spring Break.  The last sentence:Mother Nature:  you can bring on the warm weather anytime now as we have headed back north to colder temperatures!

Evidently I should not have made any suggestions to Mother Nature.  Why?  Because this wanna be beach bum came back to Northern Alabama and snow!

That’s right.  Snow.  Snow on top of freezing rain and sleet.  Cold Snow.  Cold temperatures. 

Our first day back was a nice one with a high of 71 degrees (F) in the late afternoon. 

Our first day back was a nice one until early evening when the temperatures dropped 10-15 degrees per hour and the wind picked up to 25-30 MPH with higher gusts. 

Our first day back was a nice one until dark.  Shortly after dark is when the temperatures dropped and the precipitation and high winds moved into our area.

Our second day back found us waking up to several inches of snow covering a layer of ice.  By the time I got up, dressed and had my camera out, the sun had started melting the snow. 

But it was still cold.  Below freezing cold.  Those frigid temperatures lasted a couple of days, too. Even after the sun melted the frozen precipitation the air was frigid.

Thank God I had a great Spring Break and…

Welcome back to Northern Alabama in March!


22/03/17 at 5:07 pm

Thou shalt not tempt Mother Nature!

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