The Cedar Tree

David sat in his recliner and admired the cedar tree.  The tiny white lights he had strung on the tree a few days ago illuminated the darkened room.

Little bursts of light were reflecting from the shiny ornaments and reminded him of stars in the night sky.

Last week his wife Jenifer had insisted that he cut down a fresh Cedar tree for Christmas instead of buying a pre-cut Fir. This meant he would be tramping through the woods in at least ankle deep snow.

David had complained constantly. First he grumbled about having to walk for over an hour to find “just the right shape”. Lugging that tree from the snowy woods to his truck was no picnic either. And Jenifer didn’t think she would ever hear the end of his discomfort as every inch of his hands and arms were scratched by the prickly needles as he strung the tree with lights.

But as David enjoyed the intoxicating aroma that permeated the entire house he had to admit that Jenifer was right. 

A fresh cut Cedar tree provides an ambiance that can fill your entire being with the delight of the season.


Melvin Hancock
21/12/23 at 11:41 pm

When I was a kid living in South Georgia, we always searched the woods and cut a cedar tree. They were never quite the right shape but they served the purpose and they did smell good. It is a memory that I look back on and smile.

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