A Tilted Ride

How many of you reading this, have ridden a Tilt-A-Whirl™ ride?

How many of you reading this feel like life has been one of those rides this past week, or month or even this past year or two?  Or has your life been more of a smooth moving child’s amusement park ride?

The past two weeks of my life feel like I’ve been on one of those rides.  I’m good.  Wait – I’m spinning.  Now I’m leaning.  Okay, I’m upright and steady.  Oops….there  I go spinning again!

We had a wonderful visit with family over the Thanksgiving weekend but our accommodations left a lot to be desired.  Room cleanliness.  That was desired but missing.

We didn’t go to the grocery store to restock when we first got home and then I fell ill.  That means that we’ve been eating restaurant food for over two weeks.  That never bodes well for me, especially since I had an intestinal bug.

My laptop has been acting weird for about a month or so but the last two weeks it has been worse.  I think it is also on a spinning ride!

Our Arts Magazine, whose owner has graciously provided this blog site, is getting an overhaul and upgrade.  Several features (including all photographs) from this site didn’t import and I am now trying to get everything posted again.

At least I know it isn’t just my life that’s been topsy-turvy.   World-wide servers are having problems.  Friends and relatives computers are acting up and I’ve read that the entire earth has tilted on its axis.


Amusement park rides can be fun but they are not for me as an everyday routine!


21/12/26 at 1:22 pm

All I can say is…. Tell me about it LOL and it has not stopped yet….

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