Liquid Challenge Completed

In last week’s blog I told you about an artwork challenge that I was participating in on Fine Art America/Pixels.  I stated that, as allowed, I would be using photographs that I had taken in the past and processing them the appropriate day for the challenge since I don’t always take new photographs every single day.

I am happy to report that I did actually take, process and post new photographs every day of the challenge.  I must admit that a few days it was literally quite a “challenge”!

Take Day Five for example.  I did several test shots with different backgrounds and props the night before to get an idea of how to “stage” my still life for the next morning.  However, the next morning brought multiple problems with that particular image.  The worse of it was that my computer kept crashing as I was processing the final image!  Three times it crashed and I had to wait until it shut down enough to restart and reload my photograph software.  As a result of the problems that I encountered that day, it took me SIX hours to take and process that image instead of less than two hours start to finish.  Those six hours did not include posting the image and researching and writing the description. 

But, ALAS!  The challenge has been completed. 

Am I satisfied? 


Happy with the results? 

Yes. Yes. Mostly!

On to the next challenge –  Three Day Any Theme starting this week end.


*A special thank you to Abbie Shores, OAM owner and FAA/Pixels Community Manager and Head of Tech Support,  for creating and presenting the certificates of completion.

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