New Challenges

In the last two blog entries I wrote about the Seven Day Challenge on Fine Art America/Pixels site(s).  That challenge had a specific theme which was Liquid.  The challenge was to process or paint, and upload a new image each day. 

Since my last blog post I also completed a Three Day Challenge with Any theme.   I ended up using the same theme for all three days even though that wasn’t required.

Starting next Monday I will be participating in a Five Day Challenge with a specific theme: Green.

I am more of a dreamer than a goal setter but these challenges have motivated me to “set a goal”.  I am being “challenged” each day to complete an image from start to finish.  All in one day.  That’s the goal.  That’s the goal that I’ve reached in both of these challenges.

Some days it was easy peazy to meet the goal. Other days I struggled, either with computer issues, creativity obstacles or both.  But I continued and finished the task each day. I met my goals.

Meeting my goals during those challenges allowed me to complete them.  It has also given me the confidence to sign up for a third challenge.

For those that are following my journey through these challenges I have created a special Collection on my site for those specific images.  The descriptions for each image will say for which challenge the image was created. Look for the Challenges Collection.



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