About YoursByShores

YoursByShores is a creative home studio in Manchester, UK, by artist and photographer Abbie Shores. She combines all the tools today offers to create stunning works of art, from artificial intelligence (AI) to classic camera techniques, oil and acrylic paints, watercolours and pencils.

Abbie’s philosophy centres on her commitment to creativity as an essential part of the human experience. To that end, she creates high-quality artwork on canvas and paper that celebrates life and love. Her work crosses boundaries between realism and illustration, using traditional media like hand-drawn sketches or painting with vibrant colours and photography.

Every piece of art made by YoursByShores is conceived from an individual point of view; each seeks to bring to life her unique vision for a universal language of beauty, emotion and expression – one that will be appreciated for many years to come. Abbie never uses pre-programmed digital assets; instead she chooses to capture every line herself. This ensures increased attention is given to details such as brush strokes, texture, shading and others that are so important for creating evocative images – whether it’s a portrait or abstract digital artworks.

From collections inspired by the natural world around us to captivating scenes set in fantasy landscapes; no matter what medium Abbie uses you can be sure it’s been carefully crafted with love and care by one of the most talented artists in Manchester. If you want something truly special then visit YoursByShores – Abbie has something amazing waiting just for you!