Going To The Dogs

A year before I moved to Alabama my “Baby Girlfriend” Cookie contracted Canine Lymphoma. Not long after her diagnosis the decision was made to euthanize her as she had started suffering.

I was still grieving for her when I met a neighbor in my new location that was involved with fostering dogs and cats from the local animal shelter. She introduced me to a lady, who along with her husband, had started a non-profit called Chloe’s Fund. The fund was named after a beloved pet who had passed on and all money raised or donated went towards medical costs for life saving treatments and surgeries for shelter animals.

It wasn’t long before the fund’s founder, Debby, lovingly convinced me to foster a dog….and then another….and another and….well, we ended up with a foster fail. A foster fail is when you start out fostering an animal but decide to adopt that animal instead of sending it on to a rescue or another adopter.

More than one of my foster dogs received medical care paid for out of Chloe’s fund. After seeing how important that fund was in saving the lives of shelter animals I decided to devote an entire collection of images on KeppenArt for raising money for Chloe’s Fund. That collection was titled Going To The Dogs.

ALL of my markup (profit) from sales of prints and products in the Going To The Dogs collection goes to Chloe’s Fund. One hundred percent.

If you are an animal lover and want to help you can:

(1) Donate directly to their PayPal account:

(2) Mail a check to:
Florence/Lauderdale Animal Shelter
3240 Roberson Road
Florence, AL 35630
With Chloe’s Fund written in the Memo Line

(3) Purchase items from the Going To The Dogs Collection: right here

Whether you want to purchase a card or gift for someone, a product for yourself or if you want to donate directly, Kathy from KeppenArt is happy to give you these options to help deserving shelter animals.

A huge thank you to those who have already made purchases or donations to Chloe’s Fund through KeppenArt.

Happy Tail Wagging to all!


21/02/21 at 6:06 am

I love y our love for dogs!

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