Twilight Walk

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Today I’ve seen little children play around the feet of gossiping nannies. Dogs walking the wrong way around lampposts in non-ending sniffs, mind caught up in reading their weemails, companion humans laughing (or swearing) as they realise they need to rescue the leash. An old couple holding each other up as they shuffled through, looking myopically around to see how things had changed with the seasons. A young couple giggling, hand in hand, whispering of nighttime promises. A park warden, his hands behind his back, clasped, whistling quietly and eyes alert for any errant sweetie wrapper, or dead flower in the beds.

I’ve been here since before the park. I’ve been here when farmers tilled the field i stood next to. My life was filled with the chatter of a thousand birds and the squeaks of tiny animals. I’ve watched orange and gold sunrises, deep ermine sunsets. My heart has soared with the breath of a hundred thousand winds.

My name is Willow and I’m alive

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